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  • What can you expect from a typical Reiki Session?
    Typical Reiki sessions can last anywhere between 30 – 60minutes. The first session is usually longer as I will take this time to understand you and your background & give you an introduction of myself and my practice. I will then scan your body using a technique called Byosen scanning, and also scan your seven major chakras. This will give me an indication of any imbalance in energy as well as areas of the body that would benefit from targeted healing. I will then begin the healing starting from one end of your body to the other. During this time you may feel some sensations of the energy entering your body. Some people feel a tingling sensation, others feel warmth, some may feel like they are sinking into the table and other times have visions or memories pop up in their mind. No matter what type of sensation you feel or don’t feel, trust that the energy is entering you for your highest good. After the session, I will give you a glass of water as you will likely feel a bit dry in the throat and we will talk about how the session went. For the next 24 to 48 hours the healing will be doing its work, it will release toxins in your body, make you feel fresh and bring in a sense of calm and peace.
  • What is the difference between an in person and virtual session?
    Unlike other industries and practices that had to adapt to teleworking due to the pandemic, one of the unique benefits of Reiki is that it was always designed to have the ability to be performed in distance. Energy is not bound by physical space. Just like Wi-fi or satellite television, Reiki energy can travel any distance and be just as beneficial as an in-person session. Have you ever thought about someone who lives far away and you suddenly get a message or call from them? This is because you unknowingly release energy into the universe which is unknowingly received by them. This is exactly how Reiki works, only in this case I would intend to send the energy to you and you will intend to receive it. Thanks to video calling technologies, distance healing has become easier to deliver and more accessible to those who may not live nearby.
  • How frequently should I have Reiki Sessions
    This is probably one of the most difficult questions for me to answer, because the answer is really up to you! Except in cases of chronic conditions (which will need daily healing for a minimum of 21 days) all other clients can choose to have as many or as little repeat sessions as you like. You can choose to schedule it weekly or monthly. Or you could be more sporadic and reach out for a session when you feel the need for it. As a general guide, if you are working towards healing a particular issue, more frequent sessions are beneficial. If you need Reiki more as a preventative or relaxing experience, less frequent sessions would be suitable.
  • Can I have Reiki healing when undergoing medical treatment
    If you are currently undergoing medical treatment or are consuming prescription medication, you must continue to do so. Reiki is a complementary form of healing and not an alternative to medicine. Reiki can help speed up the healing process or make your medication more effective but it will not substitute a doctor’s prescription.
  • Does Reiki have an age limit?
    Reiki has no age limit, people of all ages from a new born to the elderly can enjoy the benefits of Reiki. In fact, babies naturally have more Reiki energy around them (which is why we refer to them as a bundle of joy!) While children may find it difficult to stay still for long periods of time, it doesn’t affect their ability to receive Reiki as long as they are open to it. Children who are forced to attend a session without having an understanding of what to expect may end up unknowingly rejecting the energy. This applies to adults as well! Intention is key. As long as you intend to receive the healing for your highest good, you always will.
  • Does Reiki work on animals and non-living things?
    Reiki works beautifully on animals. Just like babies, animals also have a natural attraction to Reiki energy. They are smart enough to stay still and receive as much energy as they need and then simply walk away when they have had enough! So far I have only provided Reiki healing to dogs as I am most comfortable around them. But I would be open to providing distance healing to your pets of different species if you are interested! While non living things don’t have life force energy – they still have energy and vibrations around them that they would have picked up when in contact with different people. If you are having a particularly bad day filled with negative thoughts, that energy can sit in the clothes you wore that day. You can clear this energy by simply washing it with water, or even hanging it out in the sun. However for other non living things that are not as easy to clean – like a house or a car, Reiki can help cleanse the energy and provide protection.
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